Premium Jacket Rentals

Elevating Your Adventure Experience with ZERO-HASSLE Premium Jacket Rentals

Premium Jacket rentals for your Adventure! 

The 5 Step Process

For your premium ski jacket rental business, here's a summarized 5-step process:

  1. Customers Place Order: Customers select and order their desired ski jacket through your online platform.

  2. We Ship (With Pre-Printed Return Label): After an order is placed, you prepare and ship the ski jacket to the customer, including a pre-printed return label for easy returns.

  3. Customer Enjoys Their Adventure: The customer uses the rented ski jacket for their skiing adventure, enjoying the high-quality gear on the slopes.

  4. Ship Back: Once the adventure is over, the customer ships the jacket back using the pre-printed return label.

  5. Thorough Cleaning by Flying Dino Staff: Upon receiving the returned jacket, your team at Flying Dino Staff performs a thorough cleaning to prepare the jacket for the next customer.

This streamlined process ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for your customers while maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your ski jackets.

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